High School Career Coaching

Is your high school student feeling the impending pressure of college admissions and applications deadlines? Unsure of what majors or schools may help them get into their career of choice? Maybe even uncertain about what major they want to pursue? The High School Career Coaching will help your student identify their strengths and interests, navigate the college admission process, and help them determine the best schools that will allow them to pursue their dreams.

College Career Coaching

Are you unsure of which college major lines up with your interests? Not certain how you will pursue a career using the degree you are working towards? Thinking about changing majors? Ideal for college students and grad students — the College Career Coaching will help you to gain a clear vision of where you want to go, and how to get there.

Professional Career Coaching 
& General Life Coaching

Do you have a good job, but you can’t shake the feeling that it’s just not for you? Are you questioning what your life’s purpose is, and how you can fulfill that purpose? Professional Career Coaching & General Life Coaching will help you identify strengths, values and interests and help you through the sometimes stressful transition of making a change later in life.

assessment package

High School Career Coaching, College Career Coaching, and Professional Career Coaching
With the Assessment Package, you will complete assessments – such as the Gallup’s Strengths Finger, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory – with Leanne, or on your own. Once the assessments have been completed, you will have up to two sessions to gain clarity around your results and your next steps.

assessment + coaching package

High School Career Coaching, College Career Coaching, and Professional Career Coaching
The Assessment + Coaching Package includes everything outlined in the Assessment Package, plus up to three coaching sessions with Leanne to create actionable steps to get well on your way to pursuing your career, life’s purpose and goals.

general coaching session

General Coaching Sessions, which typically last between 45 to 55 minutes and require a 3 to 5 session commitment, are ideal for adults looking to find support during a time of transition, setting goals, seeking fulfillment, and/or balance.
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